Melo Farms

It's all swine with us!

Sundays on Melo Farms - 2013

It's 2013 and I've commited to video documenting a year in the life of Melo Farms! This is our third year of farming and we're in a dynamic phase of increasing our heritage, pure breed Berkshire hog husbandry, expanding our grass pastured chicken raising and increasing our partnership with other like minded humane, pasture based farmers to bring heritage turkey and lamb to market.

Join me as I share our farm, our vision and our animals! Click the link below to go to our Melo Farms YouTube channel. Click a specific video or subscribe to the channel to get each week's installment + special edition videos documenting memerable moments!


New Pasture

There's nothing like new pasture! Also while watching the clip look in the background and you'll see one of our 'sow to be' in the background. She's only 7 weeks old now but look at her run :>)

At Play - March 19, 2011

What does life-lived mean to me? For our pigs it means the freedom to root in rich soil and plenty of pasture to do it in.

It's been a long snowy winter and today the girls played in their new pasture. Not a lot of green but just enough peeking through the weathered vegetation to give variety.

Let me share a few videos and maybe from the girls perspective it will all make sense.