Melo Farms

It's all swine with us!

Winter Fund 2012

We are living our dream by creating a sustainable farm and raising heritage pasture based Berkshire hogs and grass pastured chicken. We were our own angel investors and have achieved a stable, healthy growth trajectory with focused niche farming practices.

Now we've come to that happy confluence of needing additional investment in farm infrastructure to continue our growth of sustainable, humane animal husbandry. To ensure the best hedge against anything winter might throw against us we are building a winter hoop shelter for our hogs. This open hoop architecture ensures access to pasture plus secure covered space that we can deeply bed with straw for warmth and comfort.

Please consider supporting us. There are many reasons to donate to a cause but the one I would suggest is because healthy, well lived, humane, heritage pork, chicken and eggs resonates with you. We are the feet on the street - or in our case the boots in the field ;) We are gaining market presence, building teaching momentum and making a difference and it’s such an awesome feeling!


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