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We Want Health and Humanity for the Animals We Eat - We are Tribe

Posted on April 26, 2015 at 9:10 AM


There are days at our stand at Detroit Eastern Market when joy, hugs and deep conversations are a large part of our market experience. On a typical Spring Saturday at Eastern an estimated 30k - 40k people flow through market looking for fresh produce, a sweet treat and farm raised meat. Some who come are longtime customers navigating the market deftly, transacting with vendors they trust and rely on. Others are newbies taking in the vast market and array of choices. And a few are on a mission - looking for well raised meat.


They have read books like Michael Pollan’s ‘Omnivores Dilemma’. Or watched a film like ‘Food Inc.’ or listened to a podcast or TED talk about food animal issues. They have an inkling that while there’s something wrong with industrial meat there are small farmers working hard to be the difference they want to consume. And they begin their list of questions to divine if we might be the farmer they’re looking for.


I was that newbie back in Oregon when I started taking back my meat. I recognize the hope, zeal, and optimism. And when you stop by our little stand and look at our signage and entourage of mobile freezers know you’ve got my attention. Ask me how our animals live. Ask us what our animals eat. Ask us for parts and parts and pieces that are your favs. Share your meat needs wants and desires.


One of the most galvanizing proof point responses I share is ‘I get it, it’s why we started our farm in our 50s to be part of the solution’. People who are our age rock back, eyes widened. In that one sentence people who are our age peeps, who are thinking of retiring, traveling more, enjoying time with grandchildren, friends and simply slowing down, feel our mantle of taking on creating a thriving pasture based farm. All of the commitment, physicality, learning curve, failure, success and challenges that statement encompasses within spitting distance of our 60s. We are living the credo be the change you want to see in the world. It’s an awesome life!


I have a deep debt of thanks to all our regular customers who not only patiently indulge me while I connect with a new tribe mate but chime in to share what our farm means to them. Because I’ve owned your newbie frustrated, hopeful and searching shoes and now they live sated, happy and healthy alongside my trusted, durable muck boots. I’ll answer your questions; give you a ton of options through Facebook, Twitter,, and simply travelling a piece to come see our farm for yourself. And know I’m overjoyed to be part of your well raised food solution! Peace ~Melody

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