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Bette & Kathleen - Introducing our Mulefoot girls

Posted on April 25, 2011 at 10:31 PM

Our newest girls arrived Saturday, Bette (ears straight up) and Kathleen (ears flopped forward), here's a bit of footage. They're just getting to know us and aren't cuddly like the rest of the herd - yet - but they have found their new favorite mud spa ;>;)


Re the names; it's a nod to Tom Waits, someone Lynn and I both admire. More details on request but basically it's a theme we can live with!


These two girls are really special as they represent a bring back from the brink of extinction. We are now an active part of conserving this heritage breed which is only one of two breeds listed as critically rare. When this breed came to the ALBC notice as of 2006 there were fewer than 200 purebred hogs documented. Most of these originated in the Holliday herd of Missouri, which is believed to be the last purebred herd in existence American Livestock Breeds Conservancy .


You won't see any Mulefoot pork from us in the foreseeable future as we will be concentrating on the raising, breeding and farrowing of these two rare girls. In 2012 if all goes well, we will have a few piglets for sale if you are interested in stewarding this breed back to healthy numbers! Then mid to late 2012 we may have a couple of Mulefoot for consumption as the flavor of this breed of pig is made for savoring! There's a small write up by the folks at Slow Food Arc of Taste for more information.


I'll keep posting to the website and FB page about how we're getting on in doing our part to preserve and thrive this unique pig breed. Oh, and advances on how I'm doing with the cuddly part too!

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