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Circle of Life on Melo Farms

Posted on April 21, 2011 at 11:12 AM

 These past two weeks have seen Lynn and I through the incredible highs of our first Berkshire piglet births here at Melo Farms! It's been a joy to steward these girls during the birthing process - farrowing for us farmers. The sleep deprived nights of 4 to 3 to 2 hour shifts checking for impending births to the actual ushering in to the world deliveries.


I won't sugar coat it though, there were tremendous lows. This was a difficult birthing season. Only 3 of our 5 gilts was actually pregnant, those precious three went days past their due dates, and over a 7 day span of deliveries two gilts only delivered 1 viable piglet each and our champ, Nellie, gave us 6 unbelievably healthy large piglets. Each birth was assisted as we had too large, breech and two in the canal at once presentations. And unavoidable, sad losses.


As we've spent these last 10 days reveling in the growth and carefully stewarding these 8 new lives we also prepared to say goodbye to our two girls, Hildy and Molly. These two were slated to be of the five that were our first birthers but fate has a given them a different role in our farm. These two will fill current orders, be our entry offering as we begin sales at Detroit Eastern Market on May 7th and will begin our farm-to-table relationships with a few select restaurants earlier than we could have expected.


Those who are about to die we salute you, thank you and are humbled. In addition to that, these girls and the ones who will follow are the answer to this Omnivore's dilemma and hopefully yours. I will be grateful that you ate our fresh feed, vegis, fruit and pasture and that you lived pampered, stress free, healthy days as I cook you for friends and family. And, I will be inordinately proud to sell this healthy, well raised, life lived pork to our customers. Circle of life.

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