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Yeah .. they sent us to Melo Farms

Posted on April 23, 2015 at 5:05 AM

Chicks arrived a bit later than planned, but all arrived safe and sound.  

As I mentioned in the last entry, the big thing is getting the environment stable as well as warm.  Their water should be air temp or better vs right out of a tap.  Since ours comes from a well, it'a about 50 degrees and a bit 'chilly'.   Also, no matter what type of waterer we've used, a few of them always end up taking a bath, so keep an eye and if they do, just warm them up ... their 'fuzz' being wet is not a good thing.

A video of their first few minutes on grass is at

To say the least, the weather for mid to late April is not helpful.  Highs in the low 40's and overnight around 28 degrees ... so I added an insulation tarp over the half of the hoop shelter they occupy.   

The front hoop house helps keep the air off of them while we check in / water / feed, etc....

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