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Farm Time - Answering to a Different Clock

Posted on April 11, 2013 at 3:20 AM

I’m listening to Cokie Roberts read her book ‘Founding Mothers- the Women who Raised our Nation’ on cd. It’s a great listen and inspiration from a historical and a female tenacity perspective. This leads me to the topic of this blog – work, time and the perception of the inverse proportion of one to the other.


I’ve not often thought of myself as a strong woman though I’ve been described as one by many. More, I think of myself as tenacious. Tenacious is what gets you to goal when nothing goes as planned. Tenacious is that otherwise named stubborn streak that rears its stiff necked head when you’re told you can’t do something you really want to do and are sure ‘it’ will work despite all evidence to the contrary.


And that strength has seen me through many farming challenges. Time is a relative concept. I believe ‘it’ can be done so I tackle ‘it’ and somehow I’m continually surprised when it’s way past a civilized bedtime! My tenacious bearing keeps me going when I’ve underestimated project scope, when I’ve misread instructions and am redoing something (yet) again and when my productive wakeful hours have ended but I’m not to the finish line.


So my perspective on time is I’m simply grateful to have it. Starting Melo Farms has taken us back in time to the more labor intensive pasture based farm life of the old days. Chores, yes please I’ll have another. Trading old habits and expectations for new rhythms and success metrics and realizing the day is never ‘done’ you just rest in anticipation of what’s to be done tomorrow.


Generations of hard working women before me worked much longer hours in environs far less warm, safe and dry, doing more with less and thinking their lives more sweet than sour, taking little leisure but great pleasure in a task done right. There is a drive to succeed, to accomplish; to fulfill that makes me feel a kinship to these great women. I’m thankful for this day and all the accomplishments I savored, big and small. It wasn’t a day too short it was a day well spent with another to begin in mere hours. It’s now 3:12 am and time for a little sweet rest before tackling the day ahead. Joy!

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