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Beyond the Chicken Tractor - First Day on Grass

30 plus pages - 25 plus photos - Material List - and more .... $14.95

How to build a hoop house that not only ideal shelter for growing chickens, but is also the ideal structure for starting baby chickens on grass.

The Chicken Tractor has it's role, but for a full life cycle on grass ... it's the Hoop House!!

Go beyond the Chicken Tractor and go First Day on Grass !!

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Building a Chicken Hoop House

The Hoop House ... when it's all said and done you've got a very sturdy structure that is quick versatile.  We've had hail storms / 50 mile an hour winds, etc... and had no trouble keeping everyone safe and sound.  With our 'First Day on Grass' model we start our baby chicks in these and then just keep adding shelters as they grow.  So ... for us, this is 'beyond the chicken tractor' since the complete life cycle of the chickens is on grass and they enjoy a truly open environment to run after bugs / pretend to fly / etc....

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