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Berkshire Flavor

Posted by Lynn Nye on March 14, 2011 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)

I can speak to the enjoyment of raising this specific breed of pigs but I'm still developing my vocabulary around describing the taste of Berkshire pork. Just a couple of weeks ago I slow cooked a ham for my foodie sis to portion out for meals, soups and sandwiches. We are veterans of the store bought, heavily smoked ham where you prepare to back off adding any salt and avoid saving juices as they're just too 'cured' flavored.

I baked one of our 8 pound fully smoked, -0- nitrate, -0- msg hams. After 6 hours at 175 degrees I sliced into a hot succulent, juicy ham for supper. I carved the leftover ham into super thin slices for sandwiches and small cubes for adding to scalloped potatoes and cheddar cheese potato soup. We also used the bone to flavor a batch of 15 bean soup.

We yummed, appreciated and marveled at the delectable treat but this link gives the meat justice in articulating and differentiating the taste of this specific heritage breed.



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